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Association IPSEA pour la promotion de la Recherche Qualitative Médicale

IPSE Association (IPSEA)

IPSEA is an association under the french law of 1901

The main founders of the Association are the authors of the IPSE method.

(Inductive Process to analyze the Structure of lived Experience, deposited method)

IPSEA's objectives: to promote Qualitative Health Research

in Psychiatry, Medicine, Surgery and Complementary Therapies



to contact us :


The purpose of this Association is the development of qualitative health research through the following actions :

  • Promoting Qualitative Health Research
  • Providing trainings on qualitative health research
  • Carrying out communication and information actions
  • Promoting and supporting qualitative health research projects
  • Developing specific tools for qualitative health research
  • Developing the use of "IPSE" method
  • Ensuring the status of sponsor of qualitative health research
  • Offering services within the framework of economic activities



IPSEA provide training courses to develop the expertise of health professionals (in french)

IPSEA organized the first session of the Summer School.

in September 2019 on the Lallianse Lab site

Pitié-Salpétrière hospital (Paris) with 34 participants.

Next one will be in September 2021 (course in french).



IPSEA is a sponsor of qualitative researchs


IPSEA helps researchers in Qualitative Research


The IPSEA team speaks at conferences